Ali Ilyas

Ali R Ilyas is a 23 year old Trainee Solicitor at Lloyds Solicitors in Longsight, Manchester. His interest in human rights activism, specifically in women's rights, led him to become a Director of the emerging Luna Women's Foundation, which has a specific aim to target gender inequality. Apart from being involved in several community organisations and his political role as the Chair of his local Labour Party, Ali enjoys writing creative stories, articles, poetry and performing spoken word poetry.
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‘Whitely’ privileged to mass murder

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Latest Updates: Finsbury Park Masjid Attack ‘Whitely’ privileged to mass murder According to Shooting Tracker, which describes itself as the word’s only crowdsourced mass shooting tracker, there have been 207 mass shootings in the United States this year till date. Apart from raising the obvious and controversial debate that has been lingering in back of America’s consciousness, there is more to the issue than laws governing gun control. The rather large caveat in the debate is the bigotry within it. The US media has been pushing forward the notion that “Islamic terrorism” has now reached their streets with the increasing