Harith Shah

A volunteer for the Myriad Foundation
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An Eloquent Rhyme for a Troubling Time

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Allow me to share a melody, a symphony of smoke screens and tyranny, Marginalising a people till they are left with no humanity, subject to abuse...devoid of sanity. A phobia widespread, filled with anarchy; poisonous rhetoric and barbarity, Cleverly disguised as a means to force agendas and the accumulation of foreign vanities. Securitisation of Muslims based on ignorance and irrationality; Used to justify draconian policy, Labelled as corrosive to British values - that’s sheer insanity. Media sensationalising Trojan Horses, attacks on the Pope, baseless conspiracies - Of Madrassa curricula of hate; promoting isolationist, fatalist, ideologies. When Breivik killed 77 they