Hamza Saleem

Hamza is a graduate of the Sabeel Development Programme and a regular contributor to Islam21c. He currently works as an audiologist and as the manager of a creative studio. During his time at university, he served as the president of the Islamic Society, as well as the regional head brother of AlMaghrib and Sabeel. His interests lie in leadership, filmmaking, and Islamic studies, which he hopes to apply in his extracurricular endeavours.
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#AreWeBritish? British Aid Worker’s Citizenship Removed

9 Min Read

British Muslim aid worker Tauqir Tox Sharif has gone public to expose the racist depravation of citizenship meted out on children of immigrants to the UK

Bullied Syrian boy Jamal plans to set up charity with donations given to him

5 Min Read

A positive result for the Syrian refugee Jamal that was bullied in Huddersfield

The Worst Can Become The Best

6 Min Read

There are some stories we come across that we cannot help but put a smile on our face...

A Trip Down Al-Aqsa Lane

15 Min Read

Reflections from the blessed land

Shisha: The ‘Muslim Drug’

13 Min Read

At its worst, shisha is 400 to 450 times more dangerous than having a cigarette...

Rejoice at Your Calamities

18 Min Read

The calamity was sent to bring you back to Allāh, your calamity was that you missed the point...

Textbooks, Temptations & Takeaways

17 Min Read

Advice for Muslims starting university

Gifted with Cancer

11 Min Read

The Legacy of Ali Banat (rahimahullāh)

A roadmap to paradise from one verse of the Qur’an

20 Min Read

Focus on these ten qualities to get to Paradise

How the Prophet ﷺ made leaders out of broken people

17 Min Read

His words were those of positivity and optimism, whereas ours are often of negativity and pessimism.