Manija Omar

Manija is a member of the management committee at the islamic integration community centre and a part time education coordinator. She is the trustee of the british afghan women society and co-founder of REACH, an organisation dedicated to supporting victims of forced marriages. She runs events and campaigns as an activist within her locality and in her spare time she volunteers at Feltham Foodbank & enjoys writing on current affairs.
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How To Create Hate

8 Min Read

“What does it take for the citizens of one society to hate the citizens of another society to the degree that they want to segregate them, torment them? a psychological construction imbedded deeply in their minds by propaganda that transforms those others into ‘The Enemy’.” . On Monday the 4th of January a Buddhist man was assaulted by a 20 year old for being ‘an ISIS bomber’. The Buddhist, Sri-Lankan man was abused and assaulted on the top deck of the bus; accused of carrying a bomb and harassed for being an ‘ISIS supporter’. Incidents such as these have been

Four reasons Jeremy Corbyn might be good for Muslims

9 Min Read

“Let us be a force for change in the world.” The founder of the Stop the war coalition, supporter of the Amnesty International, admirer of Karl Marx, the “modest, unassuming man,” Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken many news headlines, created twitter storms and somehow managed to make it to my Instagram feed. It has been a sensational period for the Labour party but how exactly will all the changes which Corbyn has promised to make affect Muslims? Despite the strong support for Corbyn and his election there are also reasons why some may be apprehensive towards the sudden change in Labour