Muhammad Mussa

Muhammad is a regular news contributor at Islam21c. He has covered stories of international concern, politics, religion, and other areas relevant to Muslims, since 2018. Muhammad holds a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from Kingston University, in addition to a Masters in Politics of the Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies.
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Negative portrayals of Muslims have contributed to the rise in Islamophobia, says Muslim Council of Britain

4 Min Read

Study finds British media routinely portrays Muslims in a negative light.

Far-right criminal begs Trump to save him from jail

3 Min Read

Tommy Robinson asks US president to “look at my case” after being found guilty of court interference and perversion of justice.

West have a moral and ethical responsibility to help Rohingya 

6 Min Read

International conference analyses root causes of crisis in Myanmar and influx of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh among other issues…

‘Deal of the century’ or ‘steal of the century’: a critical response to Trump’s proposed peace plan for Palestine and ‘Israel’

5 Min Read

The role of Saudi Arabia and the UAE as financiers of the plan will mark a pivotal shift in the region’s alliances…

Libya: Haftar’s forces kill over 40 migrants and injure 130

3 Min Read

Migrant centre targeted in air raids by forces loyal to Haftar…

Haftar’s threats are a ‘declaration of war’ on Turkey

5 Min Read

Haftar's forces release detained Turkish citizens in Libya after the threat of military retaliation.

Jeremy Corbyn urges Government to end arms exports to Saudi Arabia

7 Min Read

Opposition leader calls on the Prime Minister to accept credible UN evidence that Saudi Arabia is responsible for Khashoggi murder.

REVEALED: UK Gov approved £14m arms sales to “Israel” during mass protester killings

4 Min Read

Despite ‘Israeli’ soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinians, the British government continued to sign off weapons licences. 

Ethiopia reeling after attempted coup in restive region

4 Min Read

President of Amhara region and his top adviser were shot dead, as was the military’s chief of staff…

UK: MP calls for investigation into death of Mohamed Morsi

4 Min Read

Crispin Blunt, who chaired the Detention Review Panel for Mohamed Morsi, says Egyptian government has duty to explain the death of the former president…