Muhammad Mussa

Muhammad is a regular news contributor at Islam21c. He has covered stories of international concern, politics, religion, and other areas relevant to Muslims, since 2018. Muhammad holds a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from Kingston University, in addition to a Masters in Politics of the Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies.
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BBC boycott targets Israeli bias on Gaza devastation

5 Min Read

In a boycott launching today, organisers are fighting against the BBC's misinformation and lies during the Gaza genocide.

Zionist Starmer claims Gaza ceasefire will cause more death

8 Min Read

Keir Starmer is facing yet another backlash after refusing to call for a ceasefire, as Israel continues to attack Gaza.

Muslim charities need to be vocal on Palestine

8 Min Read

An open letter by Human Aid & Advocacy is calling on British Muslim charities to raise their voices on Palestine.

Israeli prisoners of war released on sympathetic grounds

10 Min Read

Resistance movement cites humanitarian reasons, while promising more releases if the Zionist state ceases attacks

Uyghur academic sentenced to life in Chinese custody

6 Min Read

Professor Rahile Dawut's unjust imprisonment exposes China's abuse of the Uyghur people once again.

Egyptian tyrant Sisi nominates himself in electoral farce

7 Min Read

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will "contest" a third presidential term in December, despite victory being a foregone conclusion.

Suspects quizzed over abhorrent destruction of historic tree

6 Min Read

The iconic Sycamore Gap Tree situated near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland has been criminally felled.

Egypt bans schoolgirls from wearing niqab

7 Min Read

Cairo’s niqab ban models French government’s recent decision to ban schoolgirls from wearing the abaya.

Student embarks on epic quest for Prophetic knowledge

6 Min Read

Mamadou Safayou Barry cycled across six countries to secure a place at Egypt's al-Azhar University.

Hindu fascist apprehended over anti-Muslim riots

6 Min Read

Monu Manesar, alleged to be the chief instigator of deadly anti-Muslim riots in Haryana state, has been arrested.