Muhammad Mussa

Muhammad is the News Editor at Islam21c. Prior to rejoining the organisation in June 2023, he was a regular news writer who covered stories of international concern, politics, religion, and other areas relevant to Muslims, between the years 2018 and 2022. Muhammad holds a bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations from Kingston University, in addition to a Masters in Politics of the Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies.
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Masjid al-Aqsa invaded by occupation fighters injuring hundreds of worshippers

6 Min Read

50,000 attended Friday prayers in defiance of the annual trend of settlers of the last remaining European colony in the Middle East violently attacking defenceless worshippers in the holy month of Ramadan. 

UK Gov criticised over “cruel” plan to send refugees to Rwanda

8 Min Read

The government has set up a separate fast track service for Ukrainian refugees that allows UK residents to house them in homes across the country,

Boris Johnson & Rishi Sunak face resignation calls as police fine them over partygate scandal

5 Min Read

A recent poll has revealed that most people in the country think Johnson should resign.

Pakistan installs new prime minister amid fallout of Imran Khan’s ouster

5 Min Read

Scores of Pakistanis have been protesting across the country and indeed the world at what they describe as US-meddling in their democracy.

Islamophobia increased in Australia following Christchurch terrorist attack

5 Min Read

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan has congratulated the Muslim world on the UN finally adopting a special resolution combating Islamophobia 3 years later

Saudi authorities announce Hajj is back open for 2022

3 Min Read

The government of Saudi Arabia this week announced the resumption of the annual Hajj pilgrimage for the Islamic year 1443 (2022)

“If you’re black, you should walk” – African Union “disturbed” by “shockingly racist” reports from Ukraine

5 Min Read

'They said if you're black, you should walk' #AfricansinUkraine

International Court of Justice resumes Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar regime

5 Min Read

"As the Myanmar military continues to commit atrocities against anti-coup protestors and ethnic minorities, it should be put on notice there will be consequences for these actions - past, present, and future."

London mosque hosts landmark mass gathering of Huffadh

4 Min Read

Huffadh take over London! “This is not Makkah, this is not Medina, this is not (an) Arab or Muslim country. This is the United Kingdom, this is London..."

Palestinians denounce Israeli proposals for colonies in occupied Jerusalem

3 Min Read

Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday have approved the construction of thousands of illegal colonial settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.