Muhammad Rabbani

Muhammad Rabbani is the Managing Director of CAGE. A committed community organiser, Muhammad previously spent several years bettering his area by piloting pioneering gang mediation services, and youth programmes in one of Britain’s poorest boroughs. As the Managing Director of CAGE, he has been instrumental in bringing to light torture cases and state abuses, seeking justice and accountability for victims. His name rose to prominence as a privacy advocate when he refused to hand over his password to British police in order to protect the testimony of a torture survivor. He became the figurehead of a popular campaign supported by numerous pro-privacy organisations and ordinary citizens, demanding the roll-back of draconian police powers. He is a regular guest on international forums and media, as well as an educator at the grassroot-level.
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The Twin Massacres: where savagery is only eclipsed by silence

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Muhammad Rabbani, Managing Director at CAGE, marks the 21st anniversary of America's worst war crimes in modern history.