Sairah Yassir

Sairah Yassir is a graduate in French and International Politics who currently works in research of alternative civilisations contributions to science, technology and civilisation. She is active in local Palestine action and community campaigns in Manchester and has a keen interest in social and political affairs.
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Is it a Crime to Care?

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Criminalising care and controlling the masses by fear? A review on CAGE’s 2014’s annual lecture, “Is it a Crime to Care?”
 Powerful words written by Sa’adi Shirazi emboss the gates of the United Nations building entrance: “If you've no sympathy for human pain,
 The name of human you cannot retain!” Ironic, seeing as the most influential members of the UN Security Council are amongst those who actively prevent aid workers, British Arabs and Muslims, and political and social activists from distributing aid, visiting or raising funds or awareness of the current humanitarian crises in countries such as Iraq and Syria. The US