Shaheer Choudhury

As Head of Editorial at Islam21c, Shaheer is a regular contributor who has an unwavering passion and commitment for staying on the pulse in regards to global geopolitical and general current affairs, whilst paying close attention to the changing world conditions of Muslim populations. Prior to joining Islam21c, he developed a number of years' experience in the health and social care sector, and previously worked as a caseworker at HHUGS. He has also volunteered at the Muslim Youth Helpline. Shaheer holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Kingston University.
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Fire at world’s largest refugee camp leaves 12,000 Rohingya homeless

4 Min Read

In the latest trial for the oppressed Rohingya of Myanmar, a huge fire has destroyed thousands of shelters in Bangladesh's Balukhali refugee camp.

Ayaan Institute report argues UK Muslim charity may exceed £4bn by 2051

6 Min Read

Muslim charities in the UK received over £700m in income in 2020. The Ayaan Institute's latest report argues that this may hit £4.39bn by 2051.

Nephews of Masjid al-Nabawi imam freed from Guantanamo after 19 years without charge

6 Min Read

The Rabbani brothers, nephews of the late Masjid al-Nabawi imam, Muhammad Ayub, have been freed from Guantanamo Bay and returned to Pakistan.

Shamima Begum loses latest British citizenship appeal

6 Min Read

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission has rejected Shamima Begum's appeal regarding the government's citizenship revocation in 2019.

Desperate Modi uses tax agency against BBC after explosive series

5 Min Read

Modi feels so threatened by the recent BBC series, that India's tax authority has raided the corporation's Delhi and Mumbai offices.

China humiliated as Europe trip cancelled after Uyghur protests

7 Min Read

US-sanctioned CCP politician, Erkin Tuniyaz, has cancelled a Europe trip, after pro-Uyghur protests took place outside the British Foreign Office.

Zionist regime “authorises” nine illegal West Bank settlements

4 Min Read

On Sunday, the occupying Zionist entity attempted to legalise the illegal, by "approving" nine West Bank settlements.

Government review of Prevent – a farcical waste of taxpayers’ money

9 Min Read

William Shawcross has finally stumbled over the line by releasing his "independent review" into Prevent. We cut through the noise.

Kent Cricket signs up to Muslim Athlete Charter

3 Min Read

Another first-class cricket club has signed up to Nujum Sports' Muslim Athlete Charter; we welcome this hugely positive news.

Japan PM aide fired over fair anti-LGBT comments

3 Min Read

A Japanese government aide has been sacked after making candid anti-LGBT remarks, why are they being unfairly villianised?