Shaima Dallali

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More than 30 killed in Sudan crackdown on protests

4 Min Read

Sudanese forces massacre at least 30 after security forces storm the main protest camp in Khartoum.

International Union of Muslim Scholars elects new Chairman

4 Min Read

The organisation—which brings together over 1500 Scholars from all over the world—elected a new Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed al-Raissouni, succeeding Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi after announcing that this is the last time he will chair the meeting.

UK Government rolls out the red carpet and begging bowl for Islamophobe Donald Trump

6 Min Read

Thousands protest as "orange" man visits London

Tunisia’s first Municipal Elections since 2011: Victory for Ennahdha

4 Min Read

Rachid Ghannouchi: “A victory for all of Tunisia, for the policy of consensus and cooperation, for hope and unity. It is only a defeat for voices of exclusion, polarization and chaos.”