Sheikh Shaqur Rehman

Sheikh Shaqur Rehman has completed a PGCE along with an MA in Applied Linguistics. He preceded his secular studies with a traditional Islamic education beginning in Egypt in 1999-2001 which he further developed in Syria and Saudi Arabia whilst teaching English in various universities and institutions. During his Islamic studies, he managed to memorise the Holy Qur’an and attain authorisation (Ijaza) in recitation and various Islamic sciences including theology and jurisprudence. Sh Shaqur is currently a Senior Advisor at the Islamic Council of Europe.
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Should Muslims Sing “God Save the King”?

14 Min Read

Muslims shouldn't feel compelled to honour the monarchy.

Children need more love, not less | Unscripted #67

0 Min Read

This week’s Unscripted podcast is in the theme of the national campaign, #InTheirShoes.

The Boy that Changed the World

25 Min Read

In the age of fictional superheroes, Sh Shaqur Rehman tells the story of a boy who really did change the world.

Unscripted #40 | Happily ever after… or not? | Sh Shaqur Rahman and Muhammad Habib

0 Min Read

In this week's #Unscripted podcast we see the different approaches taken by psychotherapists and Islamic scholars on dealing with a range of personal, mental health and marital issues.

A History of Islamic Law

20 Min Read

Sheikh Shaqur Rehman takes us on a new journey through the inception, synthesis and evolution of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence...

Sheikh Shaqur Rehman

0 Min Read

Lecturer in Islamic studies at the Tayyibun Institute and MRDF.

The Modernists in Light of Evolution

24 Min Read

One of the difficulties that face the Muslim nation today is the pressure to conform to dominant discourse and popular culture. The battle for hearts and minds is constant – it is waged through 24 hour media (otherwise known as the 24 hour propaganda machine), through the educational establishments that teach our children truth mixed with falsehood, and by the hypocrites in our own ranks: people who appear to be from us, yet their hearts incline towards evil, slowly drip feeding their pernicious falsehood to fit their agenda of reforming and modernising Islam. Their desire is to make Islam more

Playing with Maqasid

22 Min Read

Ijtihad (previous article can be found here) is closely associated with the aims and objectives of the Shari’ah (maqasid). When speaking about the conditions for making Ijtihad, Imam Al-Shatabi included at its forefront, ‘to be able to understand the goals of the Shari’ah in totality’1. Hence, with the advent of Ijtihad, it is incumbent upon the scholar to take into account the general goals and objectives of the Shari’ah while formulating rulings for a particular issue. In actuality, one may find that Allah has not disclosed His aims and wisdoms in their entirety nor has He explicitly stated them with

Playing with Ijtihad

0 Min Read

Abstract: This paper discusses the concept of Ijtihad and seeks to highlight some observations concerning its correct role and usage. Attachments: File Description File size playing_with_ijtihad.pdf 359 Kb

Falling in Love With Allah – Video Series

2 Min Read

This Ramadan as we seclude ourselves in our homes, learn to seclude yourself with Allah by falling in love with Him. Join Sh. Shaqur Rehman in this blessed series.