Shaykh Dr. Sajid Umar

Shaykh Dr. Sajid Ahmed Umar initially pursued a first degree in IT. He went on to successfully open an IT business. Alongside his contemporary studies, Shaykh Dr. Sajid was a student of a Qur'ān academy until the age of 18. Subsequently, he turned his attention towards Islamic Studies. He completed a 3-year University Diploma in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences at Imam Muhammed bin Saud Islamic University. He later attained a Bachelors degree in Sharī'ah and thereafter a Masters degree in Judiciary (Qadha), with honours, from the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies (Ma'had al-'āli li'l-Qa'dhā). He trained as a judge and successfully completed a thesis on the topic of Liquidity Management using the famous Repurchase Agreement (REPO) contract, as well as its rulings and permitted alternatives. He then completed his PhD in the Higher Institute of Judiciary at al-Imam University, and completed a thesis in relation to Sharī'ah solutions in the area of Financial Risk Management. Shaykh Dr. Sajid has played an integral part in Islamic academic development worldwide. He has authored several articles and dissertations in both Arabic and English pertaining to the various Islamic Sciences; lectures at Knowledge International University; is the Director of Islamic Development for Mercy Mission World; lectures at AlKauthar Institute as well as heads the Institute's Board, among various other commendable endeavours.
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Unscripted #11 | Sh Sajid Umar & Social Media Dramas

1 Min Read

Join us this week on a special Unscripted podcast with Sh Sajid Umar.

From Knowing to Growing | One-on-One Big Discussion

1 Min Read

"There's a difference between movement and progress..."

Advice in Light of the Tragic Masjid Shootings

6 Min Read

Six pieces of advice from Sh Sajid Umar in light of the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Has Da’wah become “Edu-tainment”? | One on One Big Discussion

0 Min Read

Chairman of Alkauthar Institute Shaykh Sajid Umar joins Islam21c's Chief Editor Dr Salman Butt to discuss a "celebrity culture" that has emerged in Da'wah, and the difference between "iman boosters" and meaningful transformation.


25 Min Read

Start this new Islamic year with introspection, reflection, and critical planning for what lies ahead.

Sh. Sajid Umar: Dream Big, O Muslims!

8 Min Read

Last week, the world woke up to hear of the death of the well-known inspiration, role model and ‘astronaut’ of an athlete, Muhammad Ali, who passed away just days before the blessed month of Ramadan. The news sirens screamed this breaking news and the internet erupted with chants of ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ali’ as if his ‘Thrilla in manilla’ had just concluded. Alas, the champ who once ‘flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee’ returned to his Lord, and indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we shall surely return. There are many lessons we can learn from

Celebrity Fan Culture – has Islamic education become entertainment?

20 Min Read

Education or Entertainment? Recently, a conversation that occurred between a group of practicing brothers and sisters, some of whom are considered students of knowledge, was brought to my attention. The conversation was regarding their earnest desire to attend a talk by a ‘particular’ visiting speaker. Now, in essence, there should be no problem with this as we must choose effectively our sources of receiving the knowledge of our religion, especially in this day and age when everyone has an opinion which amazingly manages to find its way into the palms of our hands, given how much ‘smarter’ our phones have

#ParisAttacks – A Letter To My Brothers & Sisters

10 Min Read

My dear brothers and sisters, we live in trying times and are witnessing days of hardship as frequent as we see our families – May Allāh protect us! Āmīn. What follows are a few words of caution for you to consider. In Islam life is sacred and murder will always be condemned, irrespective of time and place. We stand in solidarity with the families, friends and loved ones of every innocent soul that has been killed in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Burma, CAR, Sri Lanka, France, Britain and every place on the planet. Our Lord says in the Qur’ān: ‘Whoever

Parenting Q&A – Video Series

2 Min Read

Dr. Sajid Umar answers common questions asked by parents in the modern day.

10 Lessons on Being Great Parents – Video Series

1 Min Read

An exclusive series with Sh. Sajid Umar as he covers extensively the art of being parents.