Umer Suleman

Umer is Islam21c’s Finance Editor. He holds a PG Diploma from Manchester Business School aswell as Professional Qualification from Harvard University. He is one of the founding members of the National Waqf Fund and is part of Islamic Finance Advisory, thhe Business and Economics department of the Islamic Council. He has advised several start-ups, as well as the UK government, on alternative finance schemes and actively serves on the board of the UKIFC. Umer's day job is as the Global Head of Risk and Shariah at Wahed, and is an active educator with the Muslim Money Experts.
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They’re not ready for The Muslim Vote

1 Min Read

Rishi Sunak has called a surprise general election for 4th July - that’s only 40 days away!

This Ramadan we have a job to do

1 Min Read

No Salman, no problem! Umer Suleman steps in while our host recovers from sickness to speak to Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad for a special Empowered podcast just in time for Ramadan 1445.

What is the best charity in Islam?

30 Min Read

In this piece, Umer Suleman looks at what charity is to Muslims, why we're so charitable, and the best ways to give charity as prescribed by Islam.

Islamic FinTech: More Virtual Than Reality?

14 Min Read

Will innovation in FinTech break Islamic finance out of the unjust banking framework?

Rizqy Business: 12 Ways To Increase Rizq

19 Min Read

Make your wealth do more with less

Islamic Finance Benefits Everyone

0 Min Read

In this Face to Face episode, Umer Suleman discusses how a truly 'Islamic' finance is for the benefit of all creatures, not just Muslims.

Islamic finance benefits EVERYONE, not only Muslims.

1 Min Read   "For a Muslim, for every transactions there are two ways to profit from it..." Islam21c's Financial Editor, Umer Suleman, recently gave a talk at the EU Islamic Finance and Banking Summit. He talks about how the benefit and wisdoms of Islam and in particular Islamic economics is not just for Muslims, but for all mankind. He talks about the disastrous consequences of sins such as speculation, gambling, usury and their Islamic remedies. Also read: The Islamic Mortgage: Paradigm Shift or Trojan Horse? Usury: The Forgotten Terrorism The Credit Crunch: An Islamic Perspective Where does Debt come From? The Injustice of

The ISOC Delusion

7 Min Read

Those of us who have been active in Muslim Networks and Islamic Societies, or any Muslim organisation, will be familiar with the following words: “we have to make it a really good event”. Unfortunately, in my humble experience from the university scene to the professional Muslim scene, I’ve witnessed, been a part of, and more recently opposed to this approach towards organising Islamic events.There is a real lack of understanding on what ultimately pleases Allah – often you will see invitations to Muslim events where there is casual free-mixing (nay positively encouraged free-mixing!) some pseudo-nasheed techno tabla artist which is