Yusuf Patel

Yusuf Patel is the Founder and Managing Director of Muslim Family Initiative, formerly known as SREIslamic, which provides advice, support and training to parents concerned with how Sex and Relationship Education (SRE/RHE/RSHE) is taught in schools, particularly at the primary level. Muslim Family Initiative has conducted hundreds of seminars across the country since it was founded in 2008 in order to inform Muslim parents of their legal rights in the area of SRE (RHE/RSHE) as well as running workshops covering the responsibility of Muslim parents to impart age appropriate sex education in line with their values. Yusuf works for a mental health charity.
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Back to School: Sex Education is Changing (FAQs)

14 Min Read

Click to find out your rights and responsibilities as a parent from September 2020 onwards.

Parental Guidance Series

2 Min Read

Rules for "Relationship Education" in schools are changing. This new Parental Guidance series equips parents to positively influence how it's taught.

Unscripted #3 | SRE Guru Yusuf Patel | Behind the Scenes

0 Min Read

Sorry, kids. We had to give this one an 18+ rating...

Is the Sex Education Battle Lost? One-on-One Big Discussion

1 Min Read

Recording now available

Face to Face: Sex Education in Schools

0 Min Read

Yusuf Patel discusses statutory sex education in schools

SRE Consultation Deadline: Last Chance to have your Say

35 Min Read

Have your say on your children's education. Submit before Wednesday 7th November 2018 to influence the guidance on Sex and Relationships Education in schools.

Should changing your legal gender be “easier than buying car insurance”?

22 Min Read

Yusuf Patel shares his views on the government's consultation on new gender change rules. Have your say before the deadline this Friday 19th Oct.

Sex Education SRE Consultation: Last chance to make a difference

12 Min Read

Who is responsible for raising your children?

“Charity Begins at Home”

14 Min Read

Yusuf Patel takes a critical look at Muslim discourse surrounding charitable spending in the UK and abroad. Does charity really begin "at home"?

Report Launch: Prevent Policy Further Discredited

8 Min Read

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPcJLg1WztQ Prevent is a failed policy. It has been derided by academics, teaching unions, students, police officers, and teachers. Many mosques have spoken out against it and there has been a groundswell of opposition to it within the Muslim community. The many cases recorded by Prevent Watch have brought to the fore the true face of Prevent. Their only mission has been to support those victimised by Prevent, and since the Prevent duty has entered the doors of our children’s schools, we are seeing the many examples of over-reporting: a child asking for a prayer room or growing his beard;