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Reclaiming our Revolution – March for Egypt

Since the ousting of President Mursi on July 3rd, the military have continued in their atrocious crimes against humanity with human rights violations, mass killings, arbitrary arrests and torture. Thousands of peaceful civilians have been killed and arrested, merely for expressing their rejection of the coup and calling for the reinstating of democracy in their country.

Everything 25 January stood for is being threatened with the military dictatorship throwing Egypt back decades. We call for your attendance in response to the ongoing bloodshed in Egypt, the repression of their freedoms, the clear theft of our revolution by the deep state and ask you to join us in speaking out against the atrocities being committed and in restoring the people’s mandate and legitimate right.

Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad and Sheikh Abu Ahmed have both actively encouraged everyone to attend and join the protest. A special video message follows;


Join the rally this Saturday 25th January 2014, the third anniversary to the great Egyptian Revolution that inspired the world, in a march for freedom, dignity and social justice. The march is expected to start from Downing Street to the Egyptian Embassy, for up to date notifications visit, like and share the following facebook page here

Coaches are being arranged from the following cities. Contact the number of your city to book your seat. Further cities to be confirmed.

Manchester: 07450 250035
Leeds: 07830 604525
Birmingham: 07967679071- 07838869783- 07847676664
Glasgow: 07830 247973
Cardiff (transport will depend on numbers): 07525 150083

Reclaim your revolution.

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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    As much as I respect the Shaykh -May Allaah Guide him- I find it strange that he is in support of marches and revolution.

    If we were to return to the books of the earlier generations of this Ummah, we will find that they were complete against such practices and as some of the scholars today have mentioned, the oppression of the likes of al-Hajjaj was worse; he killed companions and even destroyed the Ka’bah in doing so, yet the Companions didn’t revolt against him nor march.

    So to find a scholar today, going against those who are more senior than him, calling to imitate the Kuffaar, raise our voices in the streets of the UK (cf. luqman:19) free mixing between genders whilst doing so and generally all the practices connected to marches and revolution which has nothing to do with ways of gaining reform in the light of the Sharee’ah. As Bin Baaz rightly stated, revolution only causes chaos and lives to be taken without gaining anything, and this is the reality of what is happening in Misr.

    May Allaah give us reform in ourselves first and aid this Ummah to gain its former glory.



    • A bit of bias there my dear brother. Refer yourself to one of An Nawawi’s 40 hadith which talks about levels of faith, the weakest of which is to acknowledge that something is wrong in your heart is the weakest of faiths, the stronger is to change it with words and action which the knowledgeable sheikh is recommending!

      I wonder which segregated pavements you walk on?

      Revolutions quite often start due to the impunity with which innocent lives are taken and oppressed by the states. May Allah accept all of those innocents and punish their oppressors in this life and the next, wherever they may be.

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