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Making Change Happen



This paper looks to assert the centrality of social activism as a necessary and important mode of activity by which changes in society and our own selves is engendered. It begins by laying a religious foundation for social activism drawing on the Qu’ran and Ahadith to posit that theologically, social activism is an Islamic obligation that is part of faith. By locating the significance of social activism in religion, the author suggests one can abstract a spiritual solace for when one may experience moments of despair as a result of drawbacks. The paper then moves more firmly into a practical and non-metaphysical realm, looking to analyse the more concrete mechanics of social change. It asks questions like: how do changes happen? Who are the agents in making change happen? What are the sites from where social changes begin? What tools are available to orchestrate social change? In the final section of the paper the author takes stock of the previous section and suggests how Muslims may/may not appropriate the information therein presented for a Muslim context. The conclusion then identifies certain important steps to build an agenda for action.

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A PhD candidate at SOAS and English teacher.


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