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Why the Muslims lost the mandate to rule

Hamdija Begovic 19 Min Read

In part one of a short series, Hamdija Begovic looks at the neo-Nietzschean alt-right and the loss of Muslim rule.

Gaza and boycott of the Prophet and Companions

Dr. AbdulRahman El-Nounu 8 Min Read

Lessons can be learnt from the Quraysh boycott of the Messenger ﷺ and the ongoing challenges faced by Gazans.

When Albanian Muslims rescued Europe’s Jews in the Holocaust

Edward Rowe 10 Min Read

In marking 80 years since Albanian Muslims risked all to save Jewish lives in the depths of the Holocaust, Edward Rowe speaks about the unsung heroes.

3 March 1924 – The abolition of the last caliphate

Dilly Hussain 13 Min Read

Today marks 99 years since the destruction of the Ottoman Caliphate, heralding one of the darkest chapters in history, argues Dilly Hussain.

The Siege of Baghdad

Ustadh Kashif Zakiuddin 7 Min Read

These days, we think of "sacking" to mean being out of a job. Historically, the term also referred to looting, plundering, or pillaging.

A forgotten uprising of enslaved Muslims: The Brazilian Malê Revolt

Ustadh Kashif Zakiuddin 11 Min Read

Exactly 188 years ago, the Malê slave uprising rocked Brazil to its core. Find out more on the events of the day and its aftermath in this piece.