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UK Muslims need an alternative to Labour

Muhammad Jalal 24 Min Read

Muslims need to chart an independent path in politics and not crave the attention of established parties, argues Muhammad Jalal, host of The Thinking Muslim podcast.

Braverman’s controversial op-ed could be her undoing

Muhammad Mussa 7 Min Read

The Home Secretary's unauthorised comments on pro-Palestine demonstrations put her political future in jeopardy.

Conflicted Western establishment and our Muslim response

Abdul Hai 20 Min Read

In part two of three, Abdul Hai looks at the muddled Western view on Palestine and our communal Muslim response.

Police urge organisers to delay pro-Palestine march

Muhammad Mussa 8 Min Read

The Metropolitan Police has asked for a Palestine march to be cancelled, while it considers banning the demonstration.

FA must act with fairness on Palestine and Israel

Islam21c 6 Min Read

The world's oldest football association needs to up its standards while addressing the issue of Palestine and Israel.

BBC boycott targets Israeli bias on Gaza devastation

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

In a boycott launching today, organisers are fighting against the BBC's misinformation and lies during the Gaza genocide.