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BBC radio debate on sex education in schools – consultation deadline tonight

Islam21c‘s Dr Salman Butt and SRE Islamic‘s Yusuf Patel featured in the following BBC Asian Network debate today on the UK government’s consultation on Sex & Relationship Education in schools, which is set to become compulsory in all schools, including non-state run schools.

People who make their voices heard via this consultation will have the opportunity to shape the content of what is and is not taught in primary and secondary schools on this subject.

The consultation deadline is 11:45 pm 12th February 2018, and can be participated in by visiting here: https://consult.education.gov.uk/life-skills/pshe-rse-call-for-evidence/consultation/intro/

For more information read:

Sex Education SRE Consultation: Last chance to make a difference

For guidance documents prepared to help people click here, here and here

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