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Zamzam well renovation underway in Makkah

Saudi authorities have begun a seven-month project on renovating the famous well of Zamzam in Makkah. The restoration is split into two phases.

Phase one is the construction of five 8m x 120m service bridges to the sacred well from its eastern side. Phase two is the sterilisation and treatment of the environemtn surrounding the well, including concrete and iron vaults of the old Grand Mosque. This is to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the Zamzam water as much as possible.

The project is also said to include the development of a special type of sterile gravel with high water permeability, allowing better flow of the Zamzam water.

Tawāf restrictions

The tawāf area is also subject to restrictions as a result of the renovations. The King Fahd gate is reported to be the only entrance to the tawāf area and only those performing ʿUmrah are said to be allowed entry. Other gates are designated for entrance for prayer only.

Barriers within the Grand Mosque were erected on the weekend and are thought to remain until the renovations are complete, which is an anticipated six-month target to end before Ramadān 1439.

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