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Netherlands in rightwing shift after Geert Wilders’ victory

Muhammad Mussa 6 Min Read

Wednesday's PVV triumph is a rightwing paradigm shift as Dutch Islamophobe Wilders continues coalition talks.

Starmer faces reckoning over despicable Gaza ceasefire stance

Muhammad Mussa 8 Min Read

Prominent Labour MPs have resigned from ministerial posts following the parliamentary vote on a Gaza ceasefire.

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month!

Islamophobia Awareness Month 3 Min Read

Islamophobia Awareness Month is now in full swing; check out what it's about and how you can support the campaign.

Braverman’s controversial op-ed could be her undoing

Muhammad Mussa 7 Min Read

The Home Secretary's unauthorised comments on pro-Palestine demonstrations put her political future in jeopardy.

Police urge organisers to delay pro-Palestine march

Muhammad Mussa 8 Min Read

The Metropolitan Police has asked for a Palestine march to be cancelled, while it considers banning the demonstration.

BBC boycott targets Israeli bias on Gaza devastation

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

In a boycott launching today, organisers are fighting against the BBC's misinformation and lies during the Gaza genocide.