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Independents the real winners in this election

Shaheer Choudhury Dr. Salman Butt 8 Min Read

Labour landslide has ended 14 years of Tory rule, but the number of seats belies extent of support for Independents.

CAGE staff arrested after upsetting Sunak and Braverman

Shaheer Choudhury Dr. Salman Butt Zishan Khan 10 Min Read

Six members of CAGE International staff, the "Coconut Six", were needlessly detained and released overnight.

Julian Assange a free man after five years behind bars

Shaheer Choudhury Dr. Salman Butt 9 Min Read

The Australian whistleblower is free to return to his home country after a 12-year extradition battle with the US.

Sheffield University encampment disrupts awards event

Shaheer Choudhury Maira Mirza 10 Min Read

Student encampment at the University of Sheffield is one of 36 active sites across the UK in solidarity with Gaza.

Biden offers three-part plan to end Gaza genocide

Faraz Khan Shaheer Choudhury 9 Min Read

Is this just an attempt at appealing to domestic voters or a real effort to end the ongoing genocide?

Broadcasters defend Sangita Myska after LBC ouster

Shaheer Choudhury Dr. Salman Butt 7 Min Read

Sangita Myska has in effect been replaced by "dedicated Zionist fanatic" Vanessa Feltz, after her last appearance on 14 April.