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Six Palestinians killed in Gaza explosion

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 2 Min Read

Hamas: Israel responsible for explosion in the city of Deir el-Balah

General Haftar returns to Libya following reports of his death

Hamad Momin 4 Min Read

The ex-CIA asset Khalifa Haftar, a Libyan general, returned to the city of Benghazi following a lengthy absence. An absence which led to rumours spreading quickly that the general had passed away

Torture on US soil exposed for the first time in shocking CAGE report

Hamad Momin 6 Min Read

The story of Ali al-Marri is in fact an inspiring one considering his relationship with the Qur’ān during prolonged periods of torture and solitary confinement—designed to break people—is what saved his sanity

Afghan Massacre – statement from the Muslim Scholars Association

Translation 7 Min Read

"This massacre and the targeting of the carriers of the Holy Qur’ān, the Scholars, and the Callers to Islām, come in the context of successive violation against the Muslims..."

Church of England wins legal battle over dismissal of gay priest

Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury 3 Min Read

Canon Pemberton, a gay priest, lost the appeal in what has been seen as a battle between two heavyweight lobbies; the LGBT versus the Church lobby

Egyptian teenager Mariam Moustafa dies after suspected racist attack

Abdullah Izzadin 4 Min Read

"...we didn't think England was like that" said Mariam Moustafa's sister