Dr Izzadeen Chowdhury

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Israel is no less than a timeline of terror

26 Min Read

Do not speak about the recent loss of Israeli lives without hearing the silenced voices and untold stories of Palestine's struggle for justice.

Mother’s Day – innovation or Islamic obligation?

16 Min Read

For Muslims, every single day is Mother's Day, argues Dr. Izzadeen Chowdhury, in this eye-opening piece that is sure to change the way you look at this festive occasion.

Outrage across India as Hindutva gang rapists walk free after sentences cut short

5 Min Read

"Today, it has become commonplace for Hindu supremacists to openly give calls for genocide and rape of Muslims – without any consequences.”

Sri Lanka Crisis: A Warning To Islamophobes Everywhere

20 Min Read

The demonisation of Muslims as an electoral strategy is bound to failure.

Who Wants to a Be a Billionaire?

31 Min Read

Keeping oneself to account is the key to success...

Women’s Rights: Europe Needs to Take a Look in the Mirror

13 Min Read

Europe has lost moral legitimacy when it comes to women’s rights, argues Dr. Izzadeen Chowdhury, amidst the racist stereotypes of women in Afghanistan.

The Unholy Money Defiling the Beautiful Game

10 Min Read

Tonight will see two Premier League teams compete for football’s greatest European prize: the Champions League trophy. There will, however, be little discussion about football’s dirty secret; the unholy money washing through the beautiful game.

Idlib: Tox Sharif exposes sexual exploitation of female refugees

2 Min Read

A recent video by aid worker Tox Sharif that has been widely shared on social media describes how men from outside Syria were using apps to sexually exploit vulnerable, desperate, and destitute Syrian women in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Al-Aqsa: Israeli police injure hundreds of Palestinians during protest in Jerusalem

6 Min Read

Armed Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday night whilst worshippers were observing prayers. Troubling video footage showed the solemn sound of the evening prayer echoing through the ancient streets of the sacred compound punctuated by stun grenades and rubber bullets.

COVID-19: As India’s Covid variant spreads, Pakistan faces ‘impending doom’

4 Min Read

Last week saw a record rise in COVID-19 deaths in Pakistan. With the capacity of COVID-19 to spread exponentially, fear is spreading across Pakistan that it too will see a similar picture to India.