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From Dusk to Dawn: Reviving the Intellectual Flames of Muslims

K. S. Malik 16 Min Read

Through a literary revival, let's reignite the flame of intellectual curiosity and instil these values in the young minds of tomorrow.

Jenin’s cry: devastation, resilience, and ongoing struggle

Maleeha Fahimuddin 8 Min Read

In July, Israel attacked Jenin, but Muslims remain defiant in the knowledge that victory will be won through allegiance to Allah and His Messenger.

China’s obliteration of the Uyghurs’ last refuge: their home

Abdulhakim Idris 19 Min Read

The Chinese regime remains engaged in relentless multi-faceted attempts at destroying Uyghur families and homes; the world must put an end to this.

Sinéad O’Connor taught us that Islam is for the most broken among us

Zimarina Sarwar 10 Min Read

After the passing of Shuhada' Sadaqat, better known as Sinéad O’Connor, we reflect on her life, her journey to Islam, and return to her Lord.

Russia’s military vs. Wagner is a reminder of their destruction in Muslim world

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

Recent tensions between the paramilitary Wagner Group and Putin's military remind us of their untold crimes against the Muslim world. This must end!

How Turkey is supporting peace in the South Caucasus

Edward Rowe 12 Min Read

Will Turkey bring the South Caucasus lasting peace and prosperity through diplomacy and pragmatism between Azerbaijan and Armenia?