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Undressing the French state’s abaya ban

Rayan Freschi 10 Min Read

Following the recent abaya ban, a French legal expert unravels patterns of state-imposed dress codes that draw on the country's colonial legacy in Algeria.

What made Hiroshima and Nagasaki possible?

Dr. Osman Latiff 20 Min Read

In this piece, Dr. Osman Latiff argues that the dehumanisation of those different to us often causes much of the mass destruction in the world.

French anti-Muslim sentiment stripped bare with abaya ban

Maleeha Fahimuddin 10 Min Read

A key example of the dangers of liberal and secular thinking: forcing women to reduce their modesty and arguing that it is empowering.

Reflections on the passing of Allama Sayeedi

Shaykh Khidir Hussain 15 Min Read

Shaykh Khidir Hussain reflects on the life and death of Allama Sayeedi, an Islamic scholar of immense standing who passed away last week.

Reflecting on the Afghanistan visit by UK Ulama

Abdullah al-Muhajer 5 Min Read

This is an open letter addressing our respected scholars and leaders who travelled to Afghanistan earlier this month.

Indian facade of “communal tensions” unveiled as systematic anti-Muslim violence

Maleeha Fahimuddin 9 Min Read

So-called "communal tensions" in India's Haryana state are code for calculated anti-Muslim abuse led by Hindutva zealots.