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What just happened in Gaza?!

Ahmed Hammuda Dr. Salman Butt 1 Min Read

In our first ever Empowered by Islam21c episode, Ustadh Ahmed Hammuda speaks about recent events in Gaza.

#103 Our Khateebs MUST Do Better | In Conversation with Mustafa Al-Mansur

Mustafa al-Mansur 2 Min Read

In this thought-provoking episode, we sat down with Mustafa al-Mansur in a deep and honest conversation about life, personal development, and the gap between our ideals and reality. Mustafa shares his journey

#102 We SAT with 2 EXPERTS on Muslims & the Pride Movement

Dr. Mobeen Vaid 1 Min Read

We caught up with Dr. Mobeen Vaid, one of the foremost researchers on Islamic relationship norms in the US & Yusuf Patel, a veteran campaigner on parental rights amid the UK's LGBT

#101 Meet the scholars bringing back Khilafah | Dr. Ovamir Anjum

Dr. Ovamir Anjum 1 Min Read

Is the Ummah too big to rule? Can a Khilafah really be established in the 21st century? Who is looking after the interests of the Ummah today?

#100 Celebrating 100 Episodes! Why Pakistan’s Dawah Scene Deserves Recognition

Islam21c 1 Min Read

We mark our 100th milestone episode in Lahore, Pakistan with a special gathering of faces who have helped the Unscripted Podcast become what it is today.

#99 Are women’s rights being hijacked for a sinister agenda?

Sally-Anne Burris 0 Min Read

As we reach the 99th episode of Unscripted, we pose the question: are women's rights being hijacked for a sinister agenda?