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Unscripted #6 | LGBT in Schools—why are Muslim parents protesting?

This article was originally posted on the 26th May 2019.

The 6th Unscripted Podcast by Islam21c with some of the Protest Coordinators from Birmingham’s LGBT & Primary School RSE dilemma.

It seems the media machine, educationalists, the government and political parties are all standing against these parents who object to the LGBT classes being taught to their children from the age of 4 years old. Are these parents homophobic? Are they intolerant? Are they trying to bully the schools to get what they want?

Or actually is this is a story being spun against the parents because they are standing up for their rights? Jump in and listen to an informative and balanced perspective of this headline popping news and find out what is really happening!

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  1. Julie Amal Rashid

    A lot of digressing going on here! I couldn’t see it through!

    I cringed at the word “indigenous” it’s a very insulting terminology used by racists. I am English and would never refer to myself in such a pathetic, self indulgent manner. It’s like Sheikh Haitham keeps reiterating, we are citizens, not subjects. Irrespective of where you are born.

    And as for the assumption made that middle England would somehow be sympathetic to us in this matter, I would disagree. It’s a very naive assumption in my view, as someone who grew up with these people and have family and relatives. You are underestimating the effects the Nationalist sentiments going on. And those who don’t have those sentiments would be left wing and liberal.

  2. Zakariah Roberts

    The Reverend John Parker, Resigns from Church of England school and the Church of England over LGBT issues. Please invite him and provide him a platform to share his views that are similar to yours. Full details are available in the article below.


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