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Unscripted #4 | Sh Haitham al-Haddad speaks about battling cancer

Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad (ICE) joins Dr Salman Butt for this episode of Unscripted, by Islam21c.

They discuss the Shaykh’s battle with cancer; will power, self discipline, intelligence, among other things.


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About Shaykh (Dr) Haitham Al-Haddad

Dr. Haitham al-Haddad is a jurist and serves as a judge for the Islamic Council of Europe. He has studied the Islamic sciences for over 20 years under the tutelage of renowned scholars such as the late Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as well as the retired Head of the Kingdom's Higher Judiciary Council. He specialises in many of the Islamic sciences and submitted his doctoral thesis on Islamic jurisprudence concerning Muslim minorities. Shaikh Haitham is highly respected having specialised knowledge in the field of fiqh, usul al-fiqh, maqasid al-shari'ah, ulum al-Qur’an, tafsir, aqidah, and fiqh al-hadith. He provides complex theories which address the role of Islamic jurisprudence within a western environment whilst also critically re-analysing the approach of Islamic jurists in forming legal rulings (ifta’) within a western socio-political context. He has many well known students most of whom are active in dawah and teaching in the West. The shaikh is an Islamic jurist (faqih) and as such is qualified to deliver verdicts as a judge under Islamic law, a role he undertakes at the Islamic Council of Europe as Islamic judge and treasurer. Dr Haitham al-Haddad also sits on various the boards of advisors for Islamic organisations, mainly in the United Kingdom but also around the world.


  1. Alhamdulillah, tabarakAllah. Thank you dear sister for sharing your experiences that you had whilst in hospital. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala bless you, protect you and reward you immensely for calling out to the only One who listens and answers the call of the distressed and needy soul. Aaaaaaaameeeen !!!

  2. Julie Amal Rashid

    Maa’sha’Allah it’s very nice to the Sheikh looking so well, alhamduillah.

    I’d just like to say one thing regarding pain, I’ve had cancer and major surgery to remove it. I also didn’t take pain killers, must admit it didn’t go down well by the staff, you do feel pressurised somewhat. But I stood my ground, and I didn’t sleep at night due to the pain, so I used to sit in the chair. And one night the night staff called a Muslim doctor to come and speak to me, he reminded me that I had a duty upon my body and Allah allows pain relief. But I said, I bother nobody, I am not making any noise or crying due to pain, I’m just sitting in a chair! I was in a lot of pain, but pain is natural and the drugs they give you are not.
    When I woke from surgery I was attached to a morphine machine, and it’s caused hallucinations, so the next day I had it removed. They sent pain specialists to try and convince me to keep it, but you can’t pray with these drugs. A person can’t think straight. It took me 3 days after removing the morphine to just remember ayat al kursi and some surah to pray with. I’d get half way through and forget, it took 3 days and when I explained this to the Muslim doctor they sent to speak to me, he got emotional and apologised and left.

    At this time during tests we are close to Allah Ta’ala and I remember making certain dua’a at night in that chair in the dark, just me and Allah Ta’ala and then I when I saw those same dua’a answered, I cried because I remembered those nights with such gratitude. I’d never been to the on Hajj or Umrah and one was “Oh Allah will I never see your House?” I recovered all praise to Allah, He blessed me with a wonderful husband who took me on Umrah two weeks after the marriage. There were so many blessings in those nights, I no longer feel the pain but I live daily with the blessings that came from it.

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