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Why don’t people read the Qur’ān? | Ustadh Asim Khan on Unscripted #77

“We are living in a golden age of the Qur’an”, says Salman to Ustadh Asim Khan in tonight’s episode of Unscripted. They speak about the need to read and reflect over the Qur’an, his book on Surah Yasin, his upcoming Sirah storybook, and much, much more.


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About Ustadh Asim Khan

Ustadh Asim Khan is a published author of 3 books, including the Simple Seerah & the best-selling “The Heart of the Qur’an”, a commentary on Surah Yasin. He is a Hafiz of Qur’an, has gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University College London UK, and studied Arabic and Quranic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. His true passion lies in Tafsir studies where you can find numerous online lectures of his on Qur'ān related topics.

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  1. Julie Amal Rashid

    Maa’sha’Allah very nice podcast. I particularly liked the discussion on having an academic qualification as well as Islamic knowledge.
    The days of unskilled/uneducated immigrants making up the Muslim community in this country are gone, we are 2 & 3 generations down the line of British Muslims. And especially for men, they are meant to have the means to support a wife as per the condition of marriage. Muslims sometimes say they just want a good practising brother for their daughter, but there are plenty of educated Muslims who are also good practising knowledgeable brothers. Like the speaker said, best of both worlds!

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