Ustadh Asim Khan

Ustadh Asim Khan is a published author of 3 books, including the Simple Seerah & the best-selling “The Heart of the Qur’an”, a commentary on Surah Yasin. He is a Hafiz of Qur’an, has gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University College London UK, and studied Arabic and Quranic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. His true passion lies in Tafsir studies where you can find numerous online lectures of his on Qur'ān related topics.
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Guidebook on Iʿtikāf: Spirit, Fiqh and Guidance

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Many mosques will be taking applications for I'tikaf soon. Do you have what it takes?

Why don’t people read the Qur’ān? | Ustadh Asim Khan on Unscripted #77

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"We are living in a golden age of the Qur’an", says Salman to Ustadh Asim Khan in tonight’s episode of Unscripted.

“Not Even Water?”

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Explaining Ramadan & Fasting to Non-Muslims.

The Early Muslims in Ramadan

14 Min Read

The Prophet certified the first three generations as being the “best”. He said: “The best people are my generation, and then those who came after them, and then those who came after them”.

Clarity of Vision: the Fuel for Success

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Do you have high aspirations? Read Imam Asim Khan's guide to creating and executing a vision...

The deeper meanings of Subhān Allāh: Al-Hadīd pt2

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Tafsīr Sūrat Al-Hadīd Part 1 | Part 2 This article is the second article in a series that will explore the abundance of wealth contained in Sūrat Al-Hadīd—“Iron.” In each article, we will carefully inspect the verses of this magnificent sūrah. Much as the mighty substance of Iron is mined from veins of ore in the earth, we will seek to extract lessons and benefits relevant to our daily lives, from the eternally noble words of Allāh. Introduction “Whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares the glory of Allāh, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.” Sūrat Al-Hadīd

The Beauty of Iron: Al-Hadīd pt1

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Introduction “…And We sent down iron, wherein is mighty power and benefits for mankind, and so that Allāh may test those who support Him and His messengers though unseen. Indeed, Allāh is Powerful, Almighty.” Sūrat al-Hadīd is known only by one name: “Iron.” The 57th chapter of the Qur’ān is so named after its 25th verse quoted above. Indeed, as with the namesake of the Sūrah, al-Hadīd is undoubtedly a mighty chapter, in which the benefits for mankind are abundant, and in which the tests of faith are grave. With natural iron, a focussed process of refinement is required for

Reason & Revelation – A False Dichotomy

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Removing the Conflict Between Reason & Revelation The theological discussion relating to submission towards the Sacred Texts often sparks a long-standing debate over the possible conflict between what the Sacred Texts say and other influential factors such as preconceived ideas, cultural conditioning, social constructs, base desire and so on. The Sacred Divine Texts came to enlighten the mind of man and change the course of his life to fall in line with the Will of his Creator and Sustainer. It encapsulates guidance in the most complete and comprehensive sense and thus requires no external sources of influence to help the

With ‘SubhānAllāh’ we End our Journey

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Yā Sīn takes the believer on a voyage of endless lessons. It begins by confirming the veracity of the Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam), leaving no doubt, and outlines his purpose. It provides stories of those who passed and their efforts, receptions, rational and cogent arguments as to the resurrection, from the creation above us, around us and beneath our feet, to the inimitable ability of the Creator and His punishment and His mercy, and it relates how they were all met in contempt by the blinded rejecter. The believer, however, ends up submitting more fully to Allāh, and

Greater than the Creation of Man  

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Of the branding levelled at worshippers of the Al Mighty is that they are ‘backward’, incapable of intellectualising, ‘brought up to accept’ a Deity or forcefully separated from their own cognition. But in a world that demands a beginning to everything; a world that rejects ‘infinite regression’; one that renders man incompetent at creating an atom or of fathoming celestial enormity; in a world where a huge tree, which emerges from a petty seed carrying tonnes of different fruits, withers away, only to emerge again by what it held, to baffling embryonic growth and confusing natural phenomena, tell me… Who