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Love your Masjid

A shining light for all to see,
A symbol of truth through eternity.
A place of worship for divinity,
A symbol of strength to the community.

The place to unite and prayer together,
Rush too quickly regardless of weather.
I’m too busy to go.. Say this never,
Venture often to and at least endeavour.

Its doors are open, people go inside,
For all are welcome and in peace reside.
No raised voices of anger for you to collide,
Good etiquette and Manners you must abide.

Our beloved Mosque and second home,
A place were one will never feel alone.
Hear the Azan echo throughout its dome,
Love in our eyes we could never disown.

However, to your Mosque when did you go last?
Do you go yearly only to open fast?
Is it just a place you often pass?
A place you once went, but a place of the past?

Our Mosques are standing half empty,
No longer a place of plenty,
Yet it’s ours for free, no charge for entry,
An issue we should approach firm but gently.

Strength in Islam, we find in each other,
Simply through meeting a new sister or brother.
More then we know we need one another,
Just as a child seeks love from the mother.

The Mosque is the perfect place to meet,
And invite new Muslims to our holy retreat.
Don’t gather and chat lowly on the street,
Come into the Mosque make your obligation complete.

Lead by example; take your family by the hand,
Guide them to the straight path of the Promised Land.
Perform Salat at Mosque follow Allah’s command,
Show the world our faith is glorious and grand.

Go to Mosque and be amongst those who care,
Go to Mosque and your knowledge share.
Go to Mosque and learn from others there,
And Inshallah make it full, I’ll see you there!


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