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Reasoning with the Unreasonable

In the current hysteria that has become the debate around Islamic law, immigration, anti-Semitism, the veil and foreign policy, there has come a sense of irrationality that has been exuded by Britons in nearly every media outlet that exists in the UK. Television, radio, websites, and even poster adverts have all employed some sense of illogical persuasion to reject the shared and very noble ideals that exist within British society.

(Of course, for those who believe the mere notion of shared ideals is disbelief and warrants takfir (excommunication), perhaps the ‘treaty of righteousness’ (hilf al fudhul) should be cited about which the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated, “I witnessed a coalition in the house of Abdullah bin Jad’an, that if I were to be called to it after Islam, I would have responded (i.e. I would have joined this coalition).” Inextricably, the Prophet was talking about a treaty based upon mutual cooperation with the disbelievers in a bid to offer a helping hand to the oppressed and defrauded whereby society is elevated from the lowly and depraved intentions of the iniquitous and a greater sense of justice is realised.)

As has been clearly evident, from proposed government strategies to the perverted derision of faith, Britain is fast becoming a hot-spot for the irrational claims of militant Atheists, Sun readers, and liberal ‘Muslims’. Although it’s to be expected given the degeneracy of all of the aforementioned, what is surprising is the normality by which illogical arguments and irrational insults are promulgated on TV and radio shows, as if any sense of decency British thought once ascribed to is now reduced merely to contemplating bygone eras.

The problem with irrationality is that you cannot reason with it, and thus, any discussion requiring a measured contemplation seems to be over before it has even begun. Furthermore, given the fact that many so-called intellectuals from various backgrounds (including Muslims) have failed to take logical stances in various discussions, it may be understood that intellectuality or intelligence are neither impervious to, nor able to counter, illogical thoughts and ideas. (But of course, many argue that it’s not always irrationality, but that some ‘intellectuals’ are in fact corrupt individuals who ascribe to immoral ideologies built upon misinformation in a bid to promote a view consistent in suppressing the evaluative abilities of the masses).

Bouts of irrationality are generally brought about through conflicting feelings and emotions, a defence mechanism developed to mitigate our conscience in a desperate attempt to evade the stark reality about ourselves and our immediate situation. This often happens when there is a conflict between the truth of a matter and the express desires of an individual, a most explicit example being that of a mother when informed of the death of her child is overcome with an irrational refusal to accept the stark reality of the situation. Furthermore, the mere arousal of irrationality implies unconscious acceptance of the given truth although the conscious refuses to accept it out rightly. Thus, the conflicting emotions allow the irrational party to assert a state of victimhood whilst simultaneously managing to circumvent all sense of responsibility and maturity in finding appropriate and effective solutions. This, translated into actual situations may be understood in the following examples of how the British Isles has contracted the infection of illogical thought (in no particular order):

  • There is a general belief that shari’ah is archaic, in that the implementation of capital punishments demonstrates Muslim barbarism. However, it is extremely contradictory that those who scorn the shari’ah for capital punishments (especially neo-cons) have nothing to say about the fact that the US (a neo-con government) also imposes the death penalty, either by frying you (electrocution) or poisoning you (lethal injection). Many people claim that were shari’ah to be implement to the fullest extent everyone in the UK would either be beheaded or amputated, a preposterous claim which actually implies that all British people are criminals! Furthermore, many Britons have repeatedly iterated that shari’ah has no place in British society and law, yet, not only has Islamic finance been thriving in the west where Britain’s Islamic finance sector is bigger than many ‘Muslim’ countries such as Pakistan and Egypt (as well as 55 colleges and professional institutions offering education in Islamic finance in Britain – more than anywhere else in the world)[1], but the government has sought to promote it and is currently taking into consideration the ethical grounds upon which it stands as Islamic banks have come out of the current financial crises in much better standing than conventional banks. Additionally, the government has begun to offer shari’ah-compliant pension funds[2] and is considering issuing shari’ah bonds.[3] In a similar vein, after reproaching comments made by the Archbishop of Canterbury concerning the implementation of certain aspects of the shari’ah in the UK, the Vatican declared that banks should look at the rules of Islamic finance, “The ethical principles on which Islamic finance is based may bring banks closer to their clients and to the true spirit which should mark every financial service.”[4] Of course, shari’ah is bound to be game especially when there’s a buck or two to gain.
  • Muslim women are constantly told that they cover too much and that the face-veil is offensive, yet many people have no problem with those on the point of nakedness. It seems there’s a rule for wearing too much clothing, but not one for wearing too little.
  • Muslims are continuously told that they need to assimilate and that if they don’t like it they should go back to their own country. As is clearly evident from the oft-repeated racist mantra commonly uttered in the media, there has been an erroneous assumption that Islam is either a race or a nationality. Many Muslims are born and raised in the UK regarding English as their mother-tongue, the culture (to some extent) their own, and holding no other nationality except that of being British – so where do they go? How do blond haired, blue eyed, White converts to Islam ‘go back to their country’ when they’re already in it (as is the black haired, browned eyed Black or Brown Muslim)? 
  • Although many eyes have been opened towards Israeli oppression in the current military assault on the open-air prison that is Gaza, commentators it seems, cannot refer to the actions of the Israeli’s without ascribing the word ‘evil’ to Hamas. Hamas, in actuality, has offered to make peace and cease all hostilities with Israel on the condition that they return to the borders of 1967, yet the current extremist Israeli administration refuses to acknowledge at the very least a two-state solution. Of course, it seems that most people believe that although the explicit military actions of Israel are despicable, a more subtle approach of blockades, kidnappings, imprisonment, and bulldozing Palestinian homes not to mention the usurping of Palestinian land is tolerable and in no way warrants Hamas’ firing of rockets. It is indeed like being repeatedly punched in the face by a classmate only that the teacher continually tells you not to get violent – and when you react you’re suspended!
  • The excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of the Catholic St Pius X society, was lifted a little while back by Pope Benedict.[5] Apparently unbeknownst to the Pope, Williamson is somewhat famous in the media given his questioning of certain aspects of the Holocaust, now being dubbed a ‘Holocaust denier’. However, he didn’t actually deny anything but instead was seen to question the numbers that died during the murderous campaign of the Third Reich. Pope Benedict, having reinstated the Bishop was promptly paid a visit by a deputation who represents major Jewish groups protesting the Pope’s decision. What is extremely remarkable is that the personal views of Williamson concerning the Holocaust affects his legitimacy as a Catholic, as if to say that belief in the commonly accepted version of the Holocaust has become a creedal matter in the Roman Catholic Church. It is very much the case that Williamson should be welcomed by the Catholic Church regardless his historical views of Jews or any other people for that matter (including Muslims), as acceptance of the Church is surely based upon one’s acceptance of Catholic creedal matters as opposed to political or historical opinions. Furthermore, the irrational slander of Williamson by many (of course mainly Zionists) has exposed the very problem with so called ‘free speech’ in the west, whereby Williamson has been vilified for academically challenging the status quo (in a manner not intended to insult – clearly evident from the fact he has apologised for hurt feelings), and instead of refuting him in the same academic fashion as they should have done, many have resorted to mere name calling. So much for the truth.[6] 
  • According to the latest governmental strategies, Muslims who believe in a democratic state based upon an Islamic constitution that establishes an Islamic identity and a leader who implements Islamic ethics are all extremists, yet, a Jew who believes in the holy law found in the Torah (and Talmud) and seeks its establishment, along with a strong Jewish identity and a Jewish leader who can implement all the aforementioned is merely an Israeli. Go figure. 
  • Many Christians continually claim that not only are Muslims evil, but that they wish to overrun the British Isles and forcibly convert all – including Christians. Of course, such an irrational claim is unfounded and contrary to their conspiracy theories, a poll conducted for the BBC by ComRes showed that more Muslims are for Christianity playing a greater role in British life than Christians themselves![7] Furthermore, new studies have shown that British Muslims are more integrated into society than previously believed, as well as having a higher confidence in the police and the judiciary than the general public.[8] Of course, this is just mounting evidence that Muslims, just as any other faith group, are citizens of the west, yet, racist Islamaphobia continues to influence news headlines. 
  • Many Muslims claim to fight justice and to stand up in opposition to oppressive governments massacring innocent people, and that principle was firmly established during Israel’s slaughter on innocent Gazans, yet it seems that Muslim voices began to fade thereafter and other equally horrific acts of state terrorism (either against its own people or others) have been since overlooked, such as the current devastation caused by the Sri Lankan government’s attempt to rid itself of the Tamil Tigers. It is with examples such as these that it becomes apparent that Muslims need to hold firm to what they claim.
  • Although the gesture is undoubtedly appreciated, aspects of the government have a habit to overstep the boundaries of political correctness. One very much evident example would be that of the term Christmas being replaced with ‘Holiday Festivities’, especially in certain areas predominantly non-Christian. Unsurprisingly, newspapers such as the Mail and Express jumped on the anti-PC hysteria adding to the deluge of complaints that ‘these bloody Muslims are taking over our country’. However, unbeknownst to the anti-PC brigade (in parts due to right-wing newspapers) the renaming had nothing with Muslims nor was it requested, and councils chose to drop exclusive terminology for a more inclusive term not only for Muslims, but also for Jews, Hindus, and Sikhs. But these days, the words ‘Muslims’ and ‘scapegoat’ seem to be one of the same thing.
  • Muslims have frequently been labelled as misogynists who force their women to stay at home and breed more Muslims who shall take over the British Isles. Although it may be the case that many more Muslim women tend not to work and that the Muslim community has higher birth rates than that of non-Muslims, the fact of the matter is not that Muslims are somehow increasing their birth rates in a plot to overthrow the white population, but that non-Muslims have merely reduced theirs. Research conducted by the Institute of Education (University of London) indicates that ministers should support mothers who bring up their children at home instead of forcing women back into work, and it is in essence a culture of capitalist materialism which has led many women to be forced back into the workplace at the expense of family life. So is it Muslims or the material expectations of society?

The given examples are in no way comprehensive, but are only intended to provide mere illustrations of the desperate attempts of people to evade the stark reality that their environment has become. There is a conflict between the truth of a matter and the express desires of an individual, which inhibits people to make rational decisions they would normally make with ease. An example would be the last one provided where women (who choose to) should be facilitated by the government to raise a family. However, the acquirement of material possession has long been the dominant lifestyle of contemporary society to the extent that people find themselves caught between encouraging women to stay at home and encouraging women to take part in the materialistic hype. Inevitably there is a conflict which leads people to turn their attention to irrationally attack Muslims instead of finding a rational solution, as Muslims in reality have nothing to do with the matter. A more rational solution to the crises would be to realise how materialism and exploitative capitalism tends to devalue the work of a woman in the home, whilst the state doesn’t do enough to make men accountable to their families.

There is undoubtedly a bias exuded by many people in their approach to religion, morals, or even mere opinions, and although the Islamic solutions evidently provide the methods by which society can be fully rectified, many people irrationally reject it. The fact is that it is merely to do with names, for if the solutions were presented as non-Islamic they would be accepted without hesitation. A key example is that of Islamic finance whereby its acceptance as a real substitute for western finance which has so miserably failed the masses has become widespread, but instead of accepting the perfection that Islam is, many of the insincere have undertaken to rename the Islamic model a ‘moral financial framework’. Of course, this is from amongst the main reasons that Allah locks the hearts of people refusing them guidance as they approach the truth with no intention of acceptance, but instead to exploit it as a means of personal gain. They bring with them a bias which hampers their perception and humility to submit, and as God says, “just as for those who are [willing to be] guided, He increases their [ability to follow His] guidance and causes them to grow in God-consciousness.”[9] A solution can only be found when we are sincere in our quest for it, and without that sense of sincerity we will always find ourselves conflicted and irrational.


[5] See and
[6] I am not endorsing the bishop’s views (as I have not researched the matter myself) but merely questioning the way in which he has been reproached for making an academic claim.
[9] Surah Muhammad 47:17

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  1. Jazzakallahu Khairan.

    Great stuff i agree,we all know that there are some pretty extreme double standards and ridiculous sensationalism on the part of the media to whip up anti muslim sentiment but we muslims need to to know how to intelligently engage and rebuff all of them.

    Because not one of their attacks are justified and they are simply steered by a cultural tendency to blame the ‘Other’,we often being of a different race and different religion means we make great scapegoats.

  2. Just want to bring to your attention that the U.S.A. hasn’t “fried” anyone for years. We have just lethal injection for our most egregious murderers.

  3. Could we please have a reference for “Research conducted by the Institute of Education..”

    ‘Say: Bring forth your proof if you are truthful.’

  4. [email protected]
    Nice articel mA.

    “Research conducted by the Institue of Education…” – Erm, could we have a reference for this please?

    ‘Say to them bring forth your evidence if you speak the truth’


  5. (Avoiding too much madh) Marvallous mashaAllah. I hope Mr. Mizami can keep-up this sort of quality thought, and at the same time encourage others to follow suite.

    Every point mentioned needs a separate article to expound some very poignant ideas.

  6. Idris Roberts

    I think this article is extremely beneficial as is needed at the moment. Not only are non Muslims acting irrational, even Muslims are failing to stand by what they claim. May God guide us all.

  7. Really good read

  8. Excellent article, MashAllah, ZaadakAllahu ‘ilman

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