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Russia’s military vs. Wagner is a reminder of their destruction in Muslim world

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

Recent tensions between the paramilitary Wagner Group and Putin's military remind us of their untold crimes against the Muslim world. This must end!

14th August Massacre: Remembering #Rabaa

Ahmed Hammuda 12 Min Read

Ahmed Hammuda recounts one of the bloodiest massacres of unarmed protesters in recent world history, whose perpetrators are still at large.

Egypt: Glad Tidings of the Executions

Salem Azzam 24 Min Read

These 12 legends of today prefer death and torture to renouncing what they have declared.

Timbuktu: Empire of Knowledge

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick 16 Min Read

Imagine a legendary city in 16th century West Africa where thousands of Black African students pondered over the latest ideas in science, mathematics, and medicine.

Diary of a humanitarian: The Beautiful Sacrifice

Sultan Omar 6 Min Read

In my work I see both sides of the humanitarian crisis – on the one hand, I see people suffering in terrible conditions; on the other hand, I also see people eager

Egypt Rises from its Slumber

Ahmed Hammuda 8 Min Read

From Cairo to Alexandria to Suez, people are demanding the coup leader's ouster. After thousands of martyrs and incarcerations, the Egyptian giant is finally waking up from its slumber.