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Moazzam Begg launches judicial review against government after 8 years without passport

Shaheer Choudhury 11 Min Read

Following eight years of state harassment and the denial of a passport, CAGE outreach director, and former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg is stepping up his fight against the British government.

The English Qur’an: Review of a Landmark Conference

Dr Mariam Salim 19 Min Read

Seven scholars and prominent Qur'an translators came together to speak about their experiences whilst translating the Qur'an, for an evening Dr Mariam Salim will always remember.

The People Declare China Guilty of Genocide

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

“The allegations are of the gravest human rights violations and international crimes,” said Sir Geoffrey Nice, the tribunal’s chair.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: The Kind of Death That Kills Us All

Dr. Osman Latiff 20 Min Read

Arthur’s death should serve as a bitter reminder about our collective human responsibility towards each other.

Leaked Government Documents Expose Xi Jinping’s Role in East Turkestan Genocide

Shaheer Choudhury 19 Min Read

The virtual Uyghur Tribunal hearing concentrated on the so-called Xinjiang Papers, which are also known as “Absolutely No Mercy”.

British Government apologises to Dr Salman Butt following defamation case

Shaheer Choudhury 9 Min Read

“It has been a very long battle to clear my name. I thank firstly Allah and secondly the world-class legal experts at Bindman’s and Maxtrix Chambers who represented me out of a