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Undressing the French state’s abaya ban

Rayan Freschi 10 Min Read

Following the recent abaya ban, a French legal expert unravels patterns of state-imposed dress codes that draw on the country's colonial legacy in Algeria.

Tips to Get Through the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

Many of us will be heavily affected by the rise of costs, here are a few tips from Martin Lewis on how to be smart with your money.

Should Muslims Sing “God Save the King”?

Sheikh Shaqur Rehman 14 Min Read

Muslims shouldn't feel compelled to honour the monarchy.

“Leave Your Religion at Home”: Campaign Against Hostile & Islamophobic Environment at London Academy of Excellence

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

"We had to appoint a lookout every time we had to pray in order to prevent getting caught." "Leave your religion at home" we were told.

UK Exporting Anti-Muslim Policies to Regimes That Tolerate Calls to Exterminate Muslims

Alim Hasan Islam 15 Min Read

Anti-Muslim policies are being shared by the UK with an oppressive government in India that tolerates calls to exterminate Muslims.

Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes hypocrisy of Western world

Shaheer Choudhury 13 Min Read

Following the Russian incursion into Ukraine, the entire world is fixated, perhaps obsessively so, on rolling news. Why is this?