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Exclusive Interview on ‘PREVENT’s secret “Science” of Pre-Crime’

For years now advocacy groups, activists and academics have been met with a wall of secrecy when petitioning the government to release the science behind their counter-terrorism and counter-extremism strategy.

A few months ago, however, advocacy group CAGE came across a journal article hidden away in a niche journal in the United States. It is this article that has formed the basis of a shocking report released today by CAGE entitled, ‘The “Science” of Pre-Crime’.

Islam21c carried out an exclusive interview with the Research Director for CAGE, Asim Qureshi, to explain the report’s findings and their significance. Click the player above to watch.

A special thanks to Huda Tv UK for filming the interview.

Read the report or executive summary here.

Source: www.islam21c.com

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  1. dust awaits....may i be it


    May be i am angry may be iam radicalised….

    Any fellow disbelirvers…listen…or is it like me lusten…for dunyia….I (with an arrogant capital) will be aiming to make a little demonstration…as to fuel and give ammunition to your love….so if i do make it to the centre of town…..dont worry ill just be singing and even dancing…..ill be the arrogant one….so do what you think best… planning to….on the day of the trumpet….

    Thank you….how blessed an ummah we are and to be part of it….

    Viva palestina…..

    • call myself muslim???!!!......

      Ashamed to be here….never asked to be either….now call me whatever you wish…and God bless

  2. a running man too.so I love Allah and His messengers

    Caught a bit of the illusionary show of question time.
    So the return of death penalty mentioned or hinted at by mrs/misses pret innocent or not. panorama talk of introduction of torture. Post brexit or not does anyone know about when human right code if it existed will be replaced by British code of law or what ever it is being called?!

    Suppose ibn taymayahs!? Saying of God allowing a kafir nation to rule and lead is a source of inspiration that justice and peace and truth is round the corner.

    Who’s running?

  3. be liver in nothing.we love hamza too

    As to put myself In the **it even more.i subscribe to bibles teaching of….well I’m I process of selling my clothes…etc.so as to pre crime or not Muslim or non Muslim neighbour or not. What was done to her. Payback is coming whether I am dead or not. Whether believers in a god or not or in God’s law of karma. The world revenge for those who have been wronged by it.

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