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A tale of loss, longing, and legacy in Palestine

Omar Alkhatib 4 Min Read

My beloved grandparents survived the 1948 Nakba; 75 years on, there is another Nakba taking place.

Palestine is a global battleground for truth and justice

Ahmed Hammuda 10 Min Read

Ahmed Hammuda discusses Palestine and the five pillars of injustice through archetypes found in the time of Prophet Mūsā.

UK Muslims need an alternative to Labour

Muhammad Jalal 24 Min Read

Muslims need to chart an independent path in politics and not crave the attention of established parties, argues Muhammad Jalal, host of The Thinking Muslim podcast.

Many Uyghurs cannot offer total support to Palestinians

The Uyghur Whistleblower 10 Min Read

Uyghurs are under a huge amount of pressure from pro-Zionist organisations and advocates — this needs to stop.

Israel is engaged in colonial genocide of Palestine

Sayf Bukhara 19 Min Read

Frame your discussions around Palestine through studying history and being confident in your choice of language.

Calling out atrocity propaganda to end Palestinian genocide

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 12 Min Read

This is a message to media outlets spewing misinformation and twisted reporting of the Gaza-Israel war.