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The Ugly Face of Assad in Homs

What was perpetrated at the hands of the Assad regime in the besieged city of Homs proves that this regime is following a policy of extending the conflict for as long as is possible while manipulating the international community. After pledging to evacuate the civilians in the city and to provide a safe route for their exit, the regime seized the opportunity to detain hundreds of them. This follows the deterioration of the situation in Homs, to the extent that some of its inhabitants are surviving on cats and dogs. The regime also attacked the UN convoy that surrounded the escaping civilians, in utter defiance to the international community and in total belittlement of the agreement signed at the Geneva conference.

In the second round of Geneva II, the message that Assad wanted to send was crystal clear, that he will not give up an atom’s weight of authority nor will he move an iota from his position. Everyone else must either bow to his will or beat their heads into a wall. Western governments have displayed extreme weakness in the face of the Iranian-Assad lobbyists, revealing their true intentions behind this deal that was brokered over the dead bodies of the Syrians.

What happened in Homs has exposed extreme international double-standards when dealing with humanitarian situations. The west finds no reluctance when applying austere measures in other countries under the pretext that the humanitarian situation in that country is deteriorating. As for a city like Homs, currently strangled by siege and starvation, the motives for the west are very different and Assad has been left to decide who leaves, who remains and who is detained. Assad’s regime began by refusing that humanitarian aid is delivered to Homs and insisted that its inhabitants leave and so the western governments agreed. It then insisted that the men who are allowed to leave are of a specific age group so the west succumbed to this. Then as he detained the rest, the west settled on condemnation and denunciation.

This so-called international community is part of the conspiracy against the Syrians. The way in which negotiations are being conducting with the Assad regime confirms that a solution to the satisfaction of the Syrians will never be achieved, but one to the satisfaction of the Assad regime and its allies in Tehran. The arrogance that Assad’s delegation is using in its rhetoric in Geneva is perplexing to say that least and raises huge doubts. In fact, the delegation is confident that it has sufficient backing to make gains rather than to offer concessions. Now it is demanding that the resistance be classified as ‘terrorism’ while it outright refuses any suggestions to the effect of transitioning authority. The situation in Homs is just a sample of the humanitarian crisis that the Syrians are collectively experiencing. Homs is just one of the scenarios that the regime depends on to force the resistance to offer compromises and to coerce the international community to the negotiating table.

The culprit in Geneva now seems like the victim, just as Assad and his regime yearned for. Let the world forget those hundreds who are dying under the impact of explosive barrels on a daily basis and those who are starving to death and dying due to lack of medication. This regime only wants to be seen as the hero who is here to deter “terrorist organisations who wish to target the west if victorious in Syria.” With the ‘fight against terror’ party still at its zenith, maybe this is a good time for the west to turn the tables and convince its citizens through its media whom it is convinced the new culprit is. Geneva II is nothing but an ambush for the Syrian opposition and populace, exactly as envisaged by the Syrian fighters—the only effective force on the ground long before it had initiated. Let us hope that this ‘opposition’ attending the conference realises the profound catastrophe it is facing and withdraws before it is too late.

Translated by Ahmed Hammuda

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Ahmed Hammuda is a regular contributor at Islam21c. His interests lie in Qur'anic Tafsir and the field of Middle East Affairs and how they reflect on Muslims living in the West. He is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has been involved in various Da'wah activities over the course of his education and working life. He has transferred the same analytical approach required in engineering into a careful and measured approach in his views and positions.


  1. Please do not think that the West have suddenly acquired a moral backbone and care a jot about the Syrian people.

    They fooled the world in Iraq and Libya and they are doing the same in Syria. This war was instigated by the rebels in Syria and from what I understand the majority of the atrocities are committed and most definitely encouraged by the West.

    Do not let such credibility-bankrupt organizations such as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeerah (yes it has an Arab name but is totally US directed) fool you.

    • I agree with you that the west do not have any inclination toward the Muslim cause for seeking justice. The moral compasses are poles apart.

      I totally disagree with you comment that the Syrian majority are responsible for instigating a war. The reality is that Assad’s regime have without doubt reacted to unarmed protest with the warlike aggression that is clearly documented by all media sources. No doubt, there is no unbiased media, and this is the way it will remain ’til the end.

      The facts are clear though. People revolted against the rule of the hegemony who are defeating Islamic justice, like many other governments, and attempting to replace it with secular extremism.

      That being said, the solution lies in the Muslim’s hands. And that is to provide the support that is called for by the people of Syria who want change away from the corrupted leadership of the regime. And it will be forthcoming in it’s destined time. The more people that see the need for stretching out their helping hands, the quicker will the process be complete.

  2. Well said brother. Our opportunist brothers should learn lessons from Iraq,Egypt and Libya. Any idiot can see and understand what is Arab spring and regime change do to your country. Its nothing a few living in Europe and America want to be the next dictators in these countries. They are the blood sucking opportunists who is responsible for this mayhem in these countries. Please don’t bring Islam into this. This is not a holy war. Brothers don’t get brain washed by these opportunists.

  3. Salaam,

    The war in Syria is such a quagmire with atrocities committed on BOTH SIDES that it’s difficult to see who’s cause is the right one here in the end as the manner of its fighting can no way be described as any kind of jihaadh whatsoever, rather, a war of genocide in the way of Shaythaan who’ll be happy to see brothers and sisters destroying each other; not to mention the atrocities committed by the “Free Syria rebels”, also supported and financed by the West, and they are also the ones reported to be insanely killing supporters of Assad, cutting throats, chopping heads and DESECRATING HOLY GRAVES AND SHRINES like the one of Khaalidh bin Waleedh (Radzeeullaah), and committing many other random atrocities varied in their insanity.

    If the article above is to go by then indeed, the international community and the enemies of Islam are leading both sides of this conflict a belly dance, to which the continue to fight like cocks and provide evil amusement. Remember that what started off as a revolution against Assad’s domestic policies has morphed into a proxy war for Israel, against any supporters of Hizbullaah and the Palestinian cause. Things rapidly developed in 2012 to become this civil war and from foreign support.

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