About Us

Who Are We?

Stand4Uvghurs is a coalition-based campaign with over 100 partners across the UK and internationally. Our core aim to mobilise the community towards effective action for our Uvghur brothers and sisters who are facing severe oppression by the Chinese state in East Turkestan. We believe we are stronger as a collective, and we want to uphold the honour or our Ummah by standing in
solidarity together.

What Do We Do?

Our work seeks to cover a spectrum or both awareness and advocacy through online campaigns as well as physical protests and demonstrations in order to put pressure on the institutions which enable the oppression and genocide or Uyghurs.

Stand4Uyghurs collaborates with different organisations from a range of settings including mosques, universities, charities, NGO’s, media and individuals. We collaborate at events conferences, demonstrations and much more!

Supporting Organisations

The oppression of Uyghur Muslims has been going on for many decades, but has received relatively little attention from the global Muslim community. Many people feel the need to speak up for Uyghurs but do not know how exactly to do so as a result of several interacting reasons. These reasons include a historic dearth of reliable information escaping the tightly-controlled region; a growing reliance of Muslim societies on the Chinese state and industry; and a general feeling of powerlessness before a growing superpower. We believe that as a collective our impact is greater, and together we can support our Uyghur brothers and sisters to make a difference.

We have 4 core objectives:


Develop sound knowledge on the cause through awareness campaigns and events, and other online informational resources, Uyghur blogs, testimonies, articles and reports.


The Muslim community to be proactive through highlighting some of the numerous case studies where the voices of members of the public elicited a significant reaction from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including releasing certain people from concentration camps. These somewhat shocking examples should empower us to realise the impact we can have, especially collectively.


Uyghur Muslims through sharing their stories, appreciating their sacrifices, struggles, and honouring their history and connecting their narrative to the rest of the Ummah.


Mobilise the Muslim community towards taking action in solidarity with Uyghurs facing persecution in China. Effective means for action is encouraged from within our Islamic paradigm, distinct from but cooperating with- wider western discourse concerning China.

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