Event Details

12 NOV


The Ramsay Sports Centre
319 Holloway Rd
London N7 9FU

This event is for Women only

• Story telling with Uyghurs

• Learning about the History of East Turkestan

• Appreciating Uyghurs significant contribution to the Ummah

• Refreshments + traditional Uyghur snacks

• Stand4Uyghurs stall

• Opportunity to meet other sisters

Meet With Uyghurs! Sisters Coffee Morning


On the anniversary of the first Islamic Republic of East Turkestan we will be hosting an intimate gathering of members of the community to discuss the Uyghur cause, East Turkestan history and their inspiring contributions to Islamic History and the Ummah. With Uyghurs in attendance Insh’Allah, this is an opportunity for the community to engage with Uyghurs and hear their stories and experiences first hand.   

NOTE: This event is for Women only 

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