Trials Transformed 6 Min Read

Prophet Ādam and his removal from Paradise

In this part of the Trials Transformed series, we learn from Ādam and Hawa (ʿalayhima al-Salām) and their departure to Earth.

Featured Latest Islamic Spirituality Tarbiya Videos 1 Min Read

The Inked Remedy

What started as an article by Sh Ali Hammuda has now transformed into a full blown production to tackle the fast growing pandemic of sadness and depression in our times.

Devil’s Deception in Five Steps

Dr Irshad b. Mazhar distills from the Qur'ān five steps Shaitān used to deceive the first human beings...

A Contract Every One of us Signed

Man oscillates between preoccupation, entertainment, beautification and competition, working harder in pursuit of comfort and growing older in pursuit of life. If without an ultimate purpose, man works in pursuit of continuity of life, then lives in pursuit of continuity of work. Without an ultimate purpose, he wanders in circles,