Quranic Community #12 | Who brought the False Report to the Prophet?

Scrutiny and mulling over news is like much like 'leaving dough to ferment'. The best is that fermented the longest and the worst is that made 'instantly'. If the Prophet believed it 'instantly', the companions would have suffered.

Quranic Community #11 | Allāh’s Great Favour

Whilst Allāh commands you not to steal nor to gaze at the inviolabilities of others as an individual, He likewise commanded millions of others to not steal from you nor to look at your inviolabilities! Therefore, the primary beneficiary from Haram is you yourself. And yet, beyond you benefiting, He

Quranic Community #10 | He Came to Eliminate Your Suffering

In an age that promises doing 'whatever you want' is the key to happiness and prosperity, al-Hujuraat reminds that if the Prophet were to obey you in many of your liberties, you would in fact suffer.

Quranic Community #9 | Do you believe everything you are told?

Who's who in this era of gossip, fake news and hearsay? How and when do we scrutinise what we hear? If you tend to believe everything you are told, read on...

Quranic Community #8 | They called out the Messenger and the Companions Respond

Who were those who called out the Messenger and what can we learn from the companions' dignified response?

Quranic Community #7 | Lower your Voice in the Prophet’s Revered Presence

If it surprises you that raising your voice above the Messenger (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) can render all of your good actions obsolete, ask yourself, who taught us that objective good that we fear becoming obsolete in the first place?

Quranic Community #6 | The Messenger is Like None Other

Sultan Abdul Hamid II inaugurated the over 1000km Hijaz Railway in 1908. Since it passed through Madinah, a particular engineering marvel was designed in to apply the second verse of al-Hujurāt...

Quranic Community #5 | Manners with Allāh and His Prophet

The first of five calls to those of Iman: the most rudimentary mannerism of obeying Allah and His Messenger. This is the only form of unconditional obedience that every believing layman and leader adheres to.

Quranic Community #4 | The Importance of al-Ḥujurāt’s General Message

How valuable are prescribed acts of worship if Islam has simply had no impact on our conduct? This Surah came to 'perfect manners'. For your manners are not only perceived as Islam by others but are the heaviest deed you can bring for your salvation.

Quranic Community #3 | Surrounding al-Ḥujurāt

In the third part of the Qurānic Community - we will speak about this special Sūrah's name, how it relates to its theme, its contextual relationship with the surrounding chapters and how its theme is served by its time of revelation.