Gratitude in the last 10 Nights

In these last ten nights, be from the exclusive "few"...

Sha’bān: A Month Not to Be Neglected

Sha’bān is a month which many people neglect. Imagine when Allāh looks at His creation during this time, only a few humans are engaging in worship... and you're one of them!

Facing Ramadan While Grieving

The pain of loss you carry now may well be what earns you entry into His Everlasting Mercy, where there will be no such thing as pain or separation ever again, writes Zimarina Sarwar.

How Do YOU React To Hardship & Ease?

There are four distinct categories of people in times of ease and hardship. Which of the four do you fit in?

Appreciating The Men Around Us

Too often, the ugly stories of evil deeds are given so much attention that we are left wondering, “Are there any good guys left?”

Quranic Community #22 | To Whom do we Truly Owe Gratitude – (Final Part)

Are you not satisfied that men take away flocks and herds while you take back with you the Messenger of Allāh?

How an Attitude of Gratitude Will Change Your Life

"We cry of having no shoes until we meet a person who has no feet"

COVID-19: A Time for Gratitude

"Fill your homes with laughter not fear"

10 Habits For Happiness

One of the primary objectives of Islām is to establish happiness in this world, writes Ustadh Omar Hajaj