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100 Days Until Ramaḍān 1444/ 2023

Editor 27 Min Read

Are you going to wait and react to it? Or will you prepare and hit the ground running? The preparation starts now!

Uncovering the unabashed lies between Peterson and Netanyahu

Ahmed Hammuda 25 Min Read

Ahmed Hammuda responds to the numerous falsehoods espoused by Benjamin Netanyahu and Dr. Jordan Peterson in a recent podcast.

The Purpose of Man

Dr. Najmuddin Hasan 10 Min Read

In this first part of three, Dr. Najmuddin Hasan explores the purpose of mankind.

What the Muslim adulation of Jordan Peterson says about us

Zimarina Sarwar 10 Min Read

Zimarina Sarwar looks at whether we as Muslims are making a mistake by heaping praise on Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Lion of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar – 91 years since Martyrdom

Hamad Momin 12 Min Read

On this day 91 years ago (16th September 1931) Omar Mukhtar (rahimahullāh) at the age of 73, was executed and hanged to martyrdom by Italian colonial forces.

Five Important Facts About the Islamic New Year

Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad 11 Min Read

Why is Muharram singled out as the "month of Allah" from the rest of the months?