Quranic Community #22 | To Whom do we Truly Owe Gratitude – (Final Part)

Are you not satisfied that men take away flocks and herds while you take back with you the Messenger of Allāh?

Quranic Community #21 | Are you a ‘Muslim by Name’?

Those who accommodate doubts are unlikely to sacrifice to uphold their frail belief. The Sādiqūn -truthful ones- are those who have validated their verbal claims to Imān with the necessary action.

Quranic Community #20 | Your Inner Reality will inevitably be Exposed

How many's tongues are different to their hearts? Banū Asad’s reputation was tarnished through their very attempts to protect it. And everyone's inner reality will one day be exposed.

Quranic Community #19 | The Final Call to All of Mankind

The final call to humanity is one that sets the benchmark for superiority. It is the ultimate divine proclamation against tribalism, nationalism, and xenophobia.

Quranic Community #18 | Suspicion, Spying and Backbiting: a Natural Progression

Notice the power of the Qur'anic image. The backbiter is ‘consuming the flesh’ by eating into their victim's presence and honour. The victim is his or her ‘brother’ (or sister) in Islam. And it is ‘in a state of his (or her) death' since they are absent and cannot defend

Quranic Community #17 | What gives you the Right to Ridicule?

If the deficiency is in your victim's religion or manners, fix it! If it is physical, then show respect towards the One who created them that way...

Quranic Community #16 | The Believers are nothing but Brothers

“Your true brother is the one who is with you, harming himself to benefit you. The one who, if the misfortune of time shatters you, will disband himself to gather you.”

Quranic Community #15 | The Real Foundation of Brotherhood

Those connected by womb are disposed on being merciful towards each other. How then with those Allāh made your brethren through your connection to Him?

Quranic Community #14 | The Imperativeness of Justice

Did you know that a verse of the Qur'ān is plastered on the entrance of Harvard University's Dept. of Justice as the best quote for justice?

Quranic Community #13 | If Two Believing Groups Fight

When fake news is taken as fact, it is more than likely that a fight is on the horizon. The duty is then on the rest to rush to prevent it, settle it, or coerce the groups to justice.