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What is the Hijri Calendar?

The Hijri calendar was created by Allah for humanity, and so reviving it is an act of worship, a statement of identity and the best system to organize our life around.

Three Tips to Smash University

Osama Zubair shares some practical advice for students starting University

Steadfastness After Graduation: Post-ISoc Life

The real world is in dire need of ISoccers

Textbooks, Temptations & Takeaways

Advice for Muslims starting university

What Comes After ISOC Life?

Will you let that flame die out?

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Rays of Hope for NUS & Islamic Societies Following Judicial Review into Prevent

Student Islamic Societies as well as the National Union of Students, a confederation of nearly 600 students’ unions representing 7 million students, have welcomed the recent judicial review judgement claiming it has vindicated their long-held anti-Prevent stances...

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Right to pray throughout the day: framing your argument for a Muslim prayer room

“But Muslims deserve a place to pray!” But that was not what the motion was about. The motion was about whether Muslims deserved their own prayer room as opposed to sharing a Multi-faith prayer room with members of other faiths. But the brother who decided to speak on behalf of