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Morocco exits the World Cup but remains in the hearts of Muslims

In reaching the semi-finals at the World Cup, Morocco has touched the hearts of millions, if not billions of Muslims.

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Uncovering the unabashed lies between Peterson and Netanyahu

Ahmed Hammuda responds to the numerous falsehoods espoused by Benjamin Netanyahu and Dr. Jordan Peterson in a recent podcast.

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Israel in “panic mode” as Netflix releases Nakba drama

The Israeli government has miserably failed to stop Netflix airing 'Farha', a historical drama on the 1948 Nakba.

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We stand with Shaima Dallali following politically motivated NUS dismissal

NUS President Shaima Dallali has been removed following a politically charged campaign against her position.

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Booking.com weakens West Bank travel warning following Israeli demands

The Israeli government has yet again caused a global company to change its approach when it comes to business in the West Bank.

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7-year-old dies of suspected heart failure after Zionist forces give chase

A 7-year-old Palestinian child has died "of fear" after callous Israeli forces allegedly terrified the young boy to death.

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Israel Kills 16 Children Whilst the World Looks the Other Way

Palestine mourns as Israel's three-day attack kills 16 Palestinian children

A Promised Land – to the Nation of Truth & Justice

#Aqsa is the barometer of the Muslim Ummah. When Muslims are strong, Jerusalem is safe for all. Ahmed Hammuda charts the historical and theological transfer of the ‘Promised Land’ from one group of believers to another.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes hypocrisy of Western world

Following the Russian incursion into Ukraine, the entire world is fixated, perhaps obsessively so, on rolling news. Why is this?