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Have we misunderstood the “Saved Sect”? One-on-One Big Discussion

Have we misunderstood the “Saved Sect”?

Sh Fraz Farhat joins Dr Salman Butt in this introspective discussion that may surprise some…

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أعمالكم عُمَالكم ، وكما تكونوا يولى عليكم

“Your leaders are your deeds. As you are, so shall your leaders be.”

(Cited by Al-Hasan al-Basri)

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About Shaykh Fraz Farhat

One comment

  1. While Quran forbids believers to adopt to any sect, one incident in history books quoting the messenger (pbuh) saying that except for one sect all sects will be hell bound.
    The messenger (pbuh) would never have said this as this is bound to give all sectarians a justification to stick to their sects thinking that their sect is the one going to Janna. Messenger would exactly say what Allah ordered in Quran, i.e not to adopt any sect.

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